1 Year old Male. Rough Coat


Devon is a very pretty 2 year old female who, they told us, is afraid
of men. Apparently she was abused by her male owner, so it
will take a bit of work to get her trust back in them. However, our two
volunteers that picked her up say that she does not appear to be
afraid of men, but isn't thrilled about people in uniform. This could
be because of the kennel workers that had to give her the required

Devon is not aggressive towards anyone in any way, just a little timid. She
warmed up to our two volunteers immediately & they had a fine drive
back to our kennel. Devon loves kids and people. She walks very well
on a leash and loves to play in the sprinklers! She is very funny to watch.
She is extremely affectionate and playful. She likes to play with squeaky
toys and stuffed animals.

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